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I am an exorcist- a person who performs the ridding of demons or other supernatural beings who are alleged to have possessed a person, or (sometimes) a building or even an object.

I am an apostle. The word "apostle" has two meanings, the broader meaning of a messenger and the narrow meaning of an early apostle directly linked to Jesus Christ. The more general meaning of the word is translated into Latin as 'missio', and from this word we get 'missionary.' The word apostle comes from the Greek word ἀπόστολος (apostolos). According to the Bauer lexicon, Walter Bauer's Greek-English Lexicon of the NT: "…Judaism had an office known as apostle (שליח)". The Friberg Greek Lexicon gives a broad definition as one who is sent on a mission, a commissioned representative of a congregation, a messenger for God, a person who has the special task of founding and establishing churches. The UBS Greek Dictionary also describes an apostle broadly as a messenger. The Louw-Nida Lexicon gives a very narrow definition of a special messenger, generally restricted to the immediate followers of Jesus, or extended to some others like Paul or other early Christians active in proclaiming the gospel. There is also evidence that follows those marked Apostle. Paul made his case to the Corinthian Church that he was an apostle by the evidence of God's power working through him. Paul states, "The things that mark an apostle—signs, wonders and miracles—were done among you with great perseverance."

I am a pastor, I have a church at my home every Sunday.

God and Christianity are the most important things in my life.

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I Do Not Approve Of Witchcraft

Wichcraft And Wicca Today Witchcraft today is very different from it's old-world counterpart. While there are still covens that practice the old ways in the old manner, a vast majority of individuals who practice the craft... [more]
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    I will start off fairly simply. I intend to Show how opposing viewpoints are flawed, leading invariably to a single conclusion: God must exist. I will do it with science this time. I will begin with Darwinism (the original evolutionary theories opposed to creationism). According to Darwinism, the following must be true: * Nothing produces everything. * Non-life produces life * Randomness produces fine-tuning * Chaos produces information * Unconsciousness produces consciousness * Non-reason produces reason Wow. What a blind leap of faith it would take to believe all of that, however rationally it was explained. What faith evolutionists have! Moving on... Now let us continue into Cosmology. … [more]


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    The de-Christianization of France during the French Revolution. The program of dechristianisation waged against Catholicism, and eventually against all forms of Christianity, included: removal of statues, plates and other iconography from places of worship destruction of crosses, bells and other external signs of worship the institution of revolutionary and civic cults, including the Cult of Reason and subsequently the Cult of the Supreme Being, the enactment of a law on October 21, 1793 making all nonjuring priests and all persons who harboured them liable to death on sight. The climax was reached with the celebration of the Goddess "Reason" in Notre Dame Cathedral on 10 Nove… [more]


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    Absolute truth. Let's first prove that there is such a thing. Science proves absolutes all the time. A chemical reaction works the same way every time - that is an example of an absolute truth. Whether you believe the reaction will take place or not has no effect on the reaction itself. It WILL happen, and it will happen the same way every time.Take that one step further from the physical to the spiritual. An example of a widely accepted spiritual truth is the law of sowing and reaping (or karma if you are into new age crap). What you do comes back to you. This is an absolute truth, and one taught by most religions on the planet. Well what if I don't believe in that, will it still affect me?… [more]


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    Angelic activity. Angels were the agents in the destruction of the cities of the plain (Gen. 19), an angel destroyed the Assyrian army (2 Kgs. 19), and angels were associated with the birth of Jesus (Matt. 2: 13, ch. 1). The "angel of the Lord" rolled back the stone from the door of Jesus' grave (Matt. 28: 2), and two were present at Jesus' ascension (Acts 1: 10). Angels comforted Jesus and Paul (Matt. 4: 11, Acts 27: 23 ff.). Angels shall accompany Jesus in the Judgment and shall separate the saved and the lost (Matt. 13: 36 ff.) How about angelic activity today? There are some things we know with absolute certainty. For instance, angels are not to present another gospel or change Jesus' g… [more]