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I'm socially awkward.... :D

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    I just joined experience project and I don't understand it. Add me or help me?… [more]
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    Can't help but think...
    While trying to complete a mind-numbing essay, I couldn't help but think of something other then the true topic of this essay. Would someone give me their thoughts on this? When you look at a mirror, you don't really see yourself. You see a representation of how you looked one billionth of a second ago, which is how long it takes the light to travel back and forth and be interpreted by your brain. When we formulate a plan or idea, are we actually formulating a plan if all of our thoughts technically happened shortly in the past? Is anything ever truly happening in the present?? What is making the decision, if not our conscious mind? Do we even control our own minds, if none of our thoughts a… [more]
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    No emotions
    It appears that I have no empathy for others. I don't understand how someone can "like" or "love" another. I admit I enjoy others company, but no more then that. I like looking a pure logistics and tend to stray from emotions. I suppose thats why I have social anxiety.… [more]