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I Have a Confession

Gotta check into rehab You're not even aware of the ways you hurt me are you? [more]
  • I Have a Crush On Someone I Shouldn't

    Sometimes You Got To Learn To Love What's Good For You I blame myself, because i had this knowledge, and i stayed. A bad boy is unreliable, and sometimes he doesnt show up at all, or if he does hes late and moody, he acts mean to … [more]
  • I Survived Heartbreak

    A Break Up Is Like A Diet Most couples come together because you like each other You eat the food you like because you like it and sometimes it isn't good for you You start to put on weight, In time you be… [more]
  • I Was the Other Woman

    If You Ever Read This I Hope You Feel The Same,the Way I Did That Day I Died In Your Eyes I think what upsets me the most is how much of myself I've lost due to this whole affair. I'm honestly not the kind of girl or wasn't the type of girl to go around after guys that already had G… [more]
  • I Am Tired Because of My Relationship

    Are We Having Fun Yet?:/ Never made it as a wise man I couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing Tired of living like a blind man I'm sick of sight without a sense of feeling This is how you re… [more]