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I'm an Artist/Photographer & a Derby Girl. I'm GenderFluid. I'm a bit mental, I have trouble sitting still and paying attention, but I love hearing about what makes people tick, I love hearing people's stories more than anything.
Tell me yours?

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I Am Genderqueer

Coming Out To Myself And Others As Genderqueer I've finally discovered there is a name for how I have been feeling my entire life - although I've never been a huge fan of >labels for fear of feeling restricted, this one has to be the most... [more]
VioletDoomsday has shared 7 Mature Experiences
  • I Wear Very Little At Home

    It's Liberating! When both my housemates are out and I know I'm going to be home alone for a while, my clothes can't come off quick enough - I'm either running around naked or wearing underwear at the very least, it's… [more]
  • I Love Flannel Shirts

    Guys Flannels Sometimes the comfiest thing in the world is to hang out in your house wearing nothing but your underwear and an over sized guys flannel shirt, I love it!… [more]
  • I Love It When It Rains

    Spring Rain I live in an old house in a country town.  Every time it rains it sounds like machine gun fire it's so loud on the rooftop. I love everything about the rain; how it smells, all t… [more]
  • I Love Oscar Wilde

    Awesome Tshirt I just bought a shirt online that says "Libraries - Where the Wilde things are". . . .I'm that excited I had to tell people that would appreciate the humour lol. . . … [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    Toxic Best Friend
    I have just recently rid myself of one of the most draining, lecherous, one sided friendships known to man. And I feel amazing.This girl and I dated for about four years and were best friends for the whole time up until now.She had always been a self centered ******* of a person but I defended her til I was blue in the face, as I was blind to most of her behavior, thinking she was a decent human being and just dismissing her rubbish behavior because "She was misunderstood, and just spoke her mind". There's a difference between speaking your mind and having opinions about things, and blatantly disregarding other peoples feelings, emotions and well-being. She belittles everyone she encounters … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I'm infuriated by the amount of people on here who can't grasp basic grammar
    I'm no genius myself when it comes to the English language, nor am I stuck up - but if you want people to take you seriously - "U, dat, imma, hunni", not constructing sentences properly and failing to spell things right even though most PCs these days come equipped with Spell Check, is not going to really help your case. And it makes you look like you have an IQ of 8. It's not that difficult, try it out sometime!… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    I watched too much scary **** before bed. . .
     . . .and now I'm sleeping with the light on, with mine and my housemates door open, for real, this is that embarrassing!!!… [more]
  • Funny Confessions

    Naked Budgie Wrangling
    One day when I lived at my old house, I was walking around naked after a shower one afternoon, and I noticed someone had left the screen door open and our pet budgie was going to escape; so thinking on my feet I ran towards the open glass door and grabbed the budgie mid flight one handed - only to look up and see my neighbor starring my stark-naked body down holding a squirming and squawking bird in one hand. . . . .he never spoke to me again after that. . .XD… [more]
  • Hmmmm. . . .now what?

    Posted on: October 29th, 2011 at 9:01PM

    Ok, so yesterday I find out that I have Measles, and that I can't work for a week or go to Roller Derby training.I'm absolutely gutted; I don't know how to rest/sit still when I am sick, I've always been terrible at it, and then end up getting more sick in the process.So the next few days are going to be hell on earth for me as I watch my housemate go to training without me (he's our leagues referee) and watch my other housemate come and go having adventures. I normally suck it up when I'm ill but this time it really sucks - we have our first game in a few weeks and I have assessments to pass if I am going to be able to skate with my team before then, grrrrrrrrrr, skulls are going to be spli… [more]