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Feeling embarrassed
what to say

My name is Suraj. I work as a maths lecturer in coaching center in Mumbai( India)

More about me:

Very simple

Love to meet new people and sharing ideas and experiences in various aspects of life


Hate lie and liars

Very funny sometimes

Interested in helping the needy whenever required

Oppose killing animals for food


I got experience in the following branches:


Face reading

Body language analysis




I have mostly experience of bitter taste of my life and I have felt time passes very fast so I don't find it useful to beat around the bush on any topic...just expressing clear view with simple words in less time is my style

Thanks for going through my info and you are most welcome as my friend!

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Favorite Quote It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not
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I Am Indian

India is my country which is not feeling comfortable due to political and social disturbance caused by politicians and the people. Everyone wants to solve own problem first. The most affected people... [more]
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    I'm suraj.I'm 19 years old boy from India.I woke up just now coz I slept delaying at 2:30am 10 o' clock in the morning in mumbai where I'm living for about 15 months 1750 kms away from my native land BIHAR(state of india).I'm persuing my graduation(B.Sc. Math hons).Here in mumbai I'm studying as well as working as a part time math faculty coz I have good command in maths.I have been topper in my schools.As I'm working so I'm earning while learning.I dont want to take anyone's help ever mainly financial.This is why I have to face with problems sometime but it gives me self pleasure.All are selfish as I guess.Perhaps I too.I could not do all what I had dreamt due to fate and actually basic and… [more]
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    10the nov 2013 at 03:55pm. Today I'm very sad. Today is sunday and I'm in a mall of Navi mumbai. I was inside big bazar. I had nothing to buy but Still I went inside to choose some clothings. I had no idea for whom I was going to choose. I liked a dress for my younger sister Madhu. But as she has refuged to accpet any gift from me so I went ahead. I liked a white plain shirt for my dad and thought that he will like it and his happiness will give me real happiness. But suddenly it came into my mind that I have lost my dad. Nothing more to say. I'm lost. I'm totally dead inside. My father died about 2 months ago. I miss my dad. I have lost half the happiness of my life. Nothing can make me smi… [more]
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    I'm a good boy.....Normal view I'm a better boy......Close view I'm the best boy......Close up view Actually I'm a man,not a boy,coz I'm 20 years YOUNG now. My free and boundless thinking which makes me feel I do exist with great ideas.My life is full of struggles. I have experienced the experiments of arguments with a lots of people of different types.My EYES are broader now. I feel I'm in the world. I feel I'm just human being. I feel I'm NOTHING coz I guess the size of the UNIVERSE. I feel you are a good man I feel you are a good woman. I feel you are a good girl. I feel you are a good boy. I feel I'm happier now coz I'm sharing my feelings with you.You are important for me.I hope you w… [more]
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    This is my style of outwitting overtakers- ''grief''' I'm 5'7" fair not too thin not fat I'm fit.I'm pure vegetarian since my birth.I follow my intuition most of the time when ever I use to be in puzzle.I do only what is the most suitable.I always smile what ever be the situation.I do only what I want but also I do care for others emotions.I give pardon to them who think my bad but my soul not coz I never think others bad.I'm a tiger in disguise.I'm a saint in disguise.I'm a perfect human in disguise.I love children.My internal soul hates non vegetarians but his or her humanity suppresses that sometimes,I don't talk to proudy and don't ever try to get make them out something.Only those who a… [more]