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i'm complex i'm not religous. I'm an outcast.

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I Think Indoctrinating Children With Religion Is Child Abuse

''your Going To Hell'' Ever since I was young my mother made us go to church. Made us pray.Made us read the bible. When your told what to believe you don't truly understand it. And if you get. Well if you don't believe your... [more]
  • I Love Wwe's Cm Punk

    He Changed My Life For a long time I had doubts about religon.I don't care if other people believe or not its up to them.But I never felt I had a choice you see my moms very religous.But I never believed, but I pretend… [more]
  • I Hate Facebook

    South Park Turned Me Off Facebook In an episode of South park stan reluntantely gets sucked into facebook and he encounters trouble. And kyle starts to lose friends when he befriends somone else a unpopular kid. I like twitter because… [more]
  • I Hate Family Get Togethers

    The Black Sheep With All The White Sheep. I hate getting togther with my family they never accept me for who iam. There always trying to change me. I think there also boring.… [more]
  • I Love Wwe's Cm Punk

    He Beat Cena In Merchandise Sales/ John Cena has been the WWE top merchandise seller for I think 5yrs now. Until ''TheVoice of the  Voiceless.''  ''The Cult of Personality'''' The best in the world '' Beat him in merchansise sales. I… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    The human Atm machine
    Everytime our brother gets in a finacial trouble he calls us. I live with two of my brothers. We can't always help him. But he never calls himself. He has mom call for him. He's her favorite. So she puts a guilt trip on us. But the rest of the time he could give two ***** about us. … [more]
  • thoughts on wrestling fans

    Posted on: September 14th, 2011 at 4:40AM

    Look I love Wrestling. And I love my fave wrestlers, but I can understand why some wrestlers get annoyed with PESTY FANS. People BACK OFF SHOW SOME ******* RESPECT. Cheer or boo as loud as you want in the arena, But if you see your fave wrestler at an airport, restaurnt, gas station,etc, Be respectful.… [more]