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I Will Lose 35 Lbs

Couldnt Do It i am trying to lose weight but just cant stick to eat. everytime i see food i just cant stop eating.the thought of dieting makes me more hungry.uggh...i look horrible, therez nothing i can wear n look... [more]
  • I Want to Lose Weight

    These Extra 7 Kgs Are Killing Me. chubby cheeks,plumpy face, pregnant-like stomach....a walking pumpkin. but i havent always been this way. two months on vacation n i dont know how i ended up gaining all these weight. i know i have at… [more]
  • I Want to Be Thin

    Cant Stick To What I Plan N End Up Eating More i promise,i'll seriously start diet from tomorrow. tomorrow comes,i don't eat for few hours, then i start searching for food.healthy one ofcourse.but once something gets in my mouth, i cant stop n eat… [more]
  • I Am On a Diet

    I Gotta Make It. i got to do this, otherwise i'll always be regretting. just got 7 kg to wind off. wish to get rid off it asap. so, i'll start by not eating after 6 p.m ,i cant give up on teas and coffee, but i can… [more]