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I Have a Confession

If you love me so mutch then y r u pushing me away [more]
  • I Love Hot Chocolate

    Colton This guy is sweet,funny,and SEXY I like him alot but we live so far apart it sucks he makes me smile every time he talkes to me he is an awsome guy I want to go out with him but we live to far apart… [more]
  • I Want Just Being Me To Be Enough

    My Life my dads in jail my mom left to denver my sister got in a car crashand died and my little brother died a long time ago my sister was 16 wen she died and my brother was 7 I want to die I hate my life… [more]
  • I Have Things About Me I Want to Change

    How I Feel I feel like im in a cage and I cant get out I always have the feeling that im invisible I put on a happy face for people to make it seem like everything is ok but inside me im screaming . I sit waiti… [more]