Female , 36-40

I am stubborn, untamed, a fighter, a lover, sometimes wild yet reserved, strange, loud but can be very quiet, I can be annoying, beautiful, ugly, mean, nice, loving, affectionate, teachable, honest, faithful, determined, motivated, spontaneous,

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  • 100% Spanish
Horoscope Taurus
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Books The bible and cheesy romance novels
Music Any sound pleasing to the ear
Movies Depends what mood im in
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    SIGH """" I am lonely and I need a hug… [more]
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    Whats on my mind tonight is that
    my life is getting a bit better. My mind feels refreshed. My body feels a bit more energetic. My soul is being restored and I cant wait until this season is over so that i can start working again. Im finally looking foward to going back to school and im tempted at this very moment to go out for a carls famous superstar... no no no !!!!! Im feeling a bit hot. Last night was cold and I needed two thick blankets to warm me up. Tonight I am feeling extremely hot. I feel content with my new ikea bed because my old bed well was a bit uncomfortable. I am still single and celebate and im loving it since there is no one worth my time to settle down with who will consider a life long commitment before… [more]
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    so now what ....... im in a bit of a mess here *(kisses)  im sure you can handle yourself just fine. YOu seem like a very respectable man and I know you are very handsome even though i havent seen you yet. so now what ..........… [more]
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    i cant sleep or work so what else do i do.… [more]