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I Have a Confession

I am always doing something stupid,its just a matter of when I figure it out. I just can't wait till tomorrow so that I can find out what I did stupid today. [more]
vydyn has shared 11 Mature Experiences
  • I Was Homeless

    The Secret Life Of A Homeless As of right now I am technically still homeless since i am living in someone else house. I remember the first day that i became homeless. I was thirteen years old. Me my mom and sister was hiding out … [more]
  • I Have a Simian Line

    Two Impure Simians I have a simian line on both left and right palms,but i also have heart and a head line connected. A cross is connecting the two lines into one.… [more]
  • I Hate Being Touched

    When Someone Touches Me I Feel Like Peeling My Own Skin Off! For the most part everyone in my family knows that I don't like hugs. Sometimes I feel guilty when I see that melancholy twinkle in their eyes, but still I can't bring myself to hug them. Whats worse,… [more]
  • I Have A Weird Phobia

    Haphephobia i have a fear of being touched by other people. i esp hate it when someone grabs my shoulder, pats me on the back..........and the dreaded hug. I get sick in the stomach and my skin crawls when someon… [more]