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I'm back and never felt more attached to this place

I'm sports but can't pursue any because of big video games but don't play all the famous reading. I keep reading my limited number of books over and over again. I think i am where i am more because of other's losses rather than my successes. People think I study a lot but I don't do It a lot. like music but not all types. I hate heavily emotional and depressing stuff. In short, I'm just a regular kid who loves to read and kill time. :)

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Favorite Quote truth goes through three stages.In the first, it is ridiculed.In the second, it is severely rejected. In the third, it is accepted as a simple fact
  • 100% Pakistani (Punjabi)
  • and 100% Indian (Punjabi)
  • and 100% Pakistani (Arab)
Vices I'd rather not say.....
Horoscope Gemini
Special day 6-20
Books stories
Music backstreet boys, taio cruz, american idol, anberlin, coke studio.
Movies action,adventure sort of movies
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I Baked A New Year Cake For 2012

You Wanted It, You Got It.... So I had decided to bake a chocolate sponge cake especially on 31-12-2011 and so I did..Asked EP if anybody wanted it this cake is dedicated to all my friends, especially those who asked for it... [more]
  • I Have Glasses

    Yeah But Hate 'em they're thick and a big rectangular frame caps it all. One lens is heavier than the other so they are always lopsided which really makes me look like a geek. the advantage… [more]
  • I Am a Day Dreamer

    I Daydream Well, I daydream about nearly everything. but mostof the time it is about my future. i can be anything i want. I can be a sports star, a movie star etc etc.. but I really enjoy it . It gives u&nb… [more]
  • I Have Bad Eyesight

    Don't Even Get Me Started I have had this problem for more than 12 years now. I'm short sighted. My lens power is as follows Right eye: -8.25 D Left eye: -8.50 D The doctor tells me that … [more]
  • I Do Karate

    Kinda, Sorta, Maybe Yes. It was way back in 2005. I was in fifth grade. In summer we decided to learn karate. there was a local club called kyokugen karate club. But actually they taught shotokan. Me, my elder brother and my … [more]