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I Want the Happy Ending

Open Hearted I don't know how to express my feelings as well as I should. I don't know what I'm looking for. I don't know what my mission on Earth is yet, but I do know I want more than anything, a happy... [more]
  • I Like Holding Hands

    Awuuh I've always liked the idea of holding hands. When I was a little girl i would hold my own hand, and imagine it was a boys. I thought 'all I need in a boy is to hold his hand, and feel important t… [more]
  • I Wonder What People Really See

    Annoying Self Doubt, Always Following Me Around. All throughout life I've been very self conscious. Always questioning every single thing I do. I think this self doubt, stems from my parents. I would like to do things without doubting myself, t… [more]
  • Revenge Confessions

    Time to talk about this.
    As a child I grew up with two younger siblings, I suppose we were quite the handful for my mom. She stayed home with us, while my dad 'worked'. He would leave the house and return whenever he saw fitting. I looked up to my dad. I loved my dad, he would watch tv with me, while he wasn't 'working' of course. Basically I was to naive and blind to see that he was a father when he absolutely had to be. He made my mom out to be the bad parent. She drank, she occasonally smoked, she. But he was covering up his own tracks, keeping his secrets safe. I hated my mom, how could she drink every day, every night, if she truly loved me? I saw her chose alcohol over everything in her life, I saw her l… [more]