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I'm a bit of a nerd. Shy, gets nervous a lot. I'm a furry. Single. Likes women. I like cartoons and b-movies and LOVES video games

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Favorite Quote the coffee. I knew i could count on it. it never fails
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Music Classic Rock, Metal, 80's music...HATES RAP !!!!
Movies Donnie Darko, A Clockwork Orange, the evil dead series, troll 2,Scott Pilgrim, the dark knight, Grindhouse, shaun of the dead, Fight Club, Robin Hood, An American Werewolf in London, The Wolfman.
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I Love the Scissor Sisters

I've been listening to a lot of Scissor Sisters. I have all of their albums on my iPod. Hard to pick a favorite though. Night Work is ******* brilliant! [more]
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  • I Want To Know Which Stereotype You Are

    Loser/slacker/metalhead  Loser [ 1] You don't have very many friends. [ ] Often times, teachers forget your name. [ 2] You were always picked last for kickball. [3] You don't like to talk a lo… [more]
  • I Love Zoolander

    How Can We Be Expected To Teach Children To Read...if They Can't Even Fit Inside The Building? I love this movie. Ben Stiller have made one of the dumbest charcters ever and made it work. Yeah sure the movie was sorta stupid but it was wonderfully stupid. Just read the title. … [more]
  • I Seen Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

    You Punched The Highlights Out Of Her Hair !!!! one of the best ******* movies of the year so far. It's so awesome and everything is right about it. The editing, the actors, the music, the special effects, everything. This movie deserves to be seen… [more]
  • I Loved Deadly Premonition

    Am I Crazy ? Seriously am i crazy for loving this game ? I don't know but it's just so awesome. For $20, it's pretty damn good. The story is good although weird. The Graphics may not look that great but again grap… [more]
  • got two new games....

    Posted on: January 8th, 2010 at 9:14PM

    I went to movie gallery (there's no blockbuster in town ) and i saw they were having a sale which most of their games were $5 each. I got two. Metal Gear Solid 3 Substance and The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction. I got lucky tonight because i saw on the thing that the offer expired 1/6/10 but they didn't notice it so i got two great games for 10 bucks … [more]