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I Have Schizoaffective Disorder

I Heard Voices Ok, so recently, this past week I have been drinking quite a bit with a friend of mine. Just everyday we go out drinking, or we rent movies and have a few beers. We have so much fun together. But she... [more]
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  • I Am Bipolar

    Weight Gain On Meds I was in a manic state for about 3 months now I am on respiridone...I have gained 41 LBS in 4 months. This has left my self esteem shattered and caused me to be suicidial. Has anyone else experie… [more]
  • I Have Lost My Faith In God

    From Spiritually Fruitful To Nothing Growing up I was never religious, but I yearned to be. I always had a high faith in God and would ask my Grandmother questions about Him(I will use Him just to keep it simple here). I even lied about … [more]
  • I Have a Fear of Physical Intimacy

    Seriously? The other day my friend said to me "I always want to give you a hug but I know you dont like it." I had no idea she noticed....Then the other night this guy who I slept with when I was drunk and didnt… [more]
  • I Am Very Scared About Becoming Homeless

    Don't Want To Be Homeless Right now I am living with my mother and family, in a ******, shameful apartment. I sleep on the couch that often smells of cat ****. I have not been able to live on my own successfully for years. I h… [more]