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Twice divorced,two kids,they live with their mom back in Fla.I moved to N.M. last Nov.for a job with the va.I am in search of lady friends,with the possibility of more later.

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  • and a little Native American (Cherokee)
  • and a little Native American (Oglala Sioux)
  • and a little Welsh
Vices Snuff and other things that I will admit to later
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I Enjoy Wearing Ben Wa Balls

Smile At Her Embarassment,Not A Mean Smile. I was shopping at the post exchange at NAS Miramar,in San Diego.A very attractive woman was shopping in the same aisle as I was;she was wearing a short skirt and high-heels.As I walked past her,I... [more]
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  • I Am a Woman And Love Anal Sex

    I Love It Too. I tried licking my first wifes butt,she did not like it so that was the end of that.With my second wife I was lightly licking her butt cheeks while giving her a back massage,she enjoyed that,and put h… [more]
  • I Am a White Man That Wants to Have Sex With a Black Woman

    Can A White Man Have "jungle Fever"with A Black Woman? I have always been attracted to women of color.Black women,Latin get the picture.There are over 5 billion people living on this planet.Surely half or more than half are women.Who says we … [more]
  • I Hate Dancing

    I Really Hate Dancing Like most guys,I have no rhythym on the dance floor.In the seventh grade,one of my classes had an end of the year party.Well there were a few more girls than guys,and someone put a record on.All the g… [more]
  • I Want To Be Raped By A Girl

    I Do Just as a game between hubby and wifey.No anal probing(on me),but have her throw me to the bed and have way with me.That would be hot.… [more]