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I Loved You The Very Best That I Could

I Love In A Different Way A newly married husband saved his wife's mobile number on his mobile as "My life" After one year of marriage he changed the number to "My Wife" After 2 years of marriage he changed... [more]
  • I Couldn't Explain

    I Hate, I can not explain, how much i hate her, i hate my madam, she is not good, I just hate and Hate and Hte her, upto infinity… [more]
  • I Like to Read

    Reading Digests my exams were over, i was free and all the day sleep and watching movies. i was so bored, then a idea came to my mind, i went to a book shop and stared search for books, i saw the digest portion, i to… [more]
  • I Want People to Accept Me For Me

    Ladies 2 ladies fighting for a seat in bus. Bus conductor: the older one should sit here. Both looked at each other and the seat remained empty/… [more]
  • I Rid On Bicycle

    My First Ride my first ride on bicycle was worst experience, me and my cousin were going for a ride i couldn't control the balance and fell, and my right hand broke at elbow. … [more]