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Traditional yet, liberal. Kind and yet stern, a father to none, brother to all.

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I Black Polygamy

Are there any other resources are places to seek other African-Americans who also seek to live this life? [more]
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    Number 2 My first was 20. I was 22. As a Dominant man (who happens to be African-American) I found I was attracted to Caucasian woman. Especially larger. My first fit the bill. She was naturally submissive, sw… [more]
  • I Am A Grateful And Obedient Wife

    The (Real) Good Wife Every mans dream, however, it has been lately polluted by the so called, women's liberation advocates. Men serve on a daily basis, to those they do not believe are there betters, but do so becuase the… [more]
  • I Want To Be Bound And Bred

    My Pride I am a well established and accomplished African-American male (Lion) seeking to establish my household (Pride). A little about me, I have completed 4 years of service to the USAF, now work as a tech … [more]
  • I Promote Interracial Breeding

    Being A Man So let us be honest. Most of western society has damn near rejected so many of the old world traditions and lifestyles. As a christian I can say that christianity played a major role for this. However… [more]