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I Live With My Mother

My Mother Strikes Back Again, And Again, And Again... I got my hair done on my B-day. Just high lights and a about a half an inch taken off and some added layers. I loved my hair when I left the salon. I really feel lucky to have a gem for a hair... [more]
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  • I Sleep To Not Feel

    My Other Life In Bed It's sad but I enjoy the life I live in my dreams more than I do my life  when I am awake.  My dream world I can do anything I want and I can be happy and I have more friends in my dreams.  When I … [more]
  • I Live With My Mother

    Either I Am Crazy Or My Mother Is Crazy. The night before I had just gotten home from work past 9:00pm and it was late and I was tired so I ate and tried to go to bed but, had trouble sleeping, so I tossed and turned most of the night. I h… [more]
  • I Live With My Mother

    I'm Tired I'm tired because I've been working six days a week for the last three months because someone at work in out on maternity leave. These are long days working with the public in a doctors office and I… [more]
  • I Medicare Hell Week

    My mother who had been on a Medicare freak out all week is having a MEDICARE MELT DOWN NOW. I don't know if I can handle this ****. She had this insurance guy at the house and he signed her up for a… [more]