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life is so crazy and unexpected you never know just where you may end up :)

free spirited wife and mother loving jesus and taking on the world one moment at a time through rain sunshine or blackened trying my hardest to survive like everyone else with hope faith and love.....i am determined to survive this place we call Earth!!!! im not perfect and as i develop each day i am becoming more comfortable with that... :)

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I Was a Teen Run Away

I have written in my other experiences how i survived abuse of all kinds....when i was 13 i lost the only person who i felt loved or cared for me .....i didnt care about myself and no one ever asked... [more]
  • I Am a Survivor of Domestic Violence

    its crazy how growing up with abuse makes you think its ok....i watched my mom and dad treat eachother like enemies and the physical abuse i never understood it ...the hitting all the anger....when i … [more]
  • I Am Fighting to Overcome Ptsd

    Ptsd has sadly been my friend since i was younger husband who is a great friend and person sadly is the one paying for what every abuser did to me....but he is a trooper and i ask that you ple… [more]
  • I Was Emotionally Abused As a Child

    i realized how deadly emotional abuse was when i got whole life it was normal to me... my family all talked to eachother in ugly father was very verbally abusive to my mother a… [more]
  • I Am Going Through a Custody Problem

    hello i am new to this site and def new to reaching out to anyone for help... I am 24... i am married to a sweet awesome man and we have 3 cats and a really cool little apartment. i have alot to be… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    when i feel low
    i actually feel alittle low today ............i need some encouragement :) time to go to my secret place… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    my dads grudge hurts me
    sometimes i feel like my dad is always going to not like me ....its like no matter how hard i try its not good enough......he is never happy with anything i do or like and thinks i am just some jesus freak hippie......oh well i love him still and it will get better soon just got to keep my head up :) ahhhhhh dad issues… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    birthday week
    these past four days were the some of the best days of my life. my husband took me to stay on the queenmary it was so awesome. we saw the ocean from our round windows . everything was so vintage and we were albe to walk the whole ship we even explored it like at 3 in the morning ;) we acted as though we didnt have a care in the world we felt so free.he really made sure it was special and i cant explain how thankful i am for him. we enjoyed ourselves very much going to the aquarium the zoo ....i really love animals so it was so fun and he has to work alot so these times together were def cherished love you babes you dont even know how much.......… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    how i feel
    how i feel is hard to explain.... my eyes wouldnt reveal to you what i am trying to say......when i breathe i am breathing in decay my life around me its all ok.......i still feel myself fighting for my causes trying to be awake in a time where being asleep is more welcomed.... i am trying to show you that i am surviving but you believe the hard part is over i already survived no more reasons for me to cry.... i believe you friend its all ok no one here to hurt me or cause me pain but i tell you the hurt is still here still lingering everyday.....a pain in my heart more than a pain of a knife driving into a freshly opened wound that was before .........that was covered and bruised......yes t… [more]