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I Live In a Sexless Marriage

Well, I Did. I Slipped Out Under The Radar When No-one Was Looking. Well it felt like it anyway. I was in love with my man. I had finally found him. We were together for some years. He had a car accident. My mind, body and soul trembled in his... [more]
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  • I Miss My Ex Boyfriend Who Doesn't Want Me Back

    One Moment He Was Holding My Hand, The Next He Said He Doesn't Love Me Never got over that. He said he had been trying to get the love back. ┬áBut it was gone. ┬áThat was 15 years ago. Same pain still Same pain. Hasn't gone away.… [more]
  • I Live In a Sexless Marriage

    Am I A Bit Psychic? I have a passion for looking at all sides of a story. Sometimes I focus. Most times I don't I feel other people in distress. And I think I can help. It's … [more]
  • I Loved Someone That Didn't Love Me

    Sex In Marriage Needs Passion To Be It's Best It's to do with passion. I can remember trembling with passion -constantly - next to a guy I lived with for years. Sadly he had a car accident and he somehow changed. Things went downhill from there. … [more]
  • I Think I Might Be Psychic

    I Picked Up A Distress Call. Quite a while ago. He's fuzzy and lost in direction at the moment, I have tried to channel him. He's following a misguided shoal. And Advised Him. Now He Thinks I'm His Wife In Dis… [more]