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Am 55 yrs old, somewhat overweight, my Wii Fit told me how much, & I need to get on the ball & start losing the weight so that I can stay healthy

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I Have Children

I Have Grown Up Children Who Are A Disappointment Is there anyone out there like me?  My husband was in the military, we traveled around the world, we raised our children the best we knew how, but now 3 out of 4 grownup children are either... [more]
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    Kidney Function Not Healthy My doctor just told me my kidney function is too low from my blood test and I need to drink more water.  The problem is that it tastes terrible.  Any suggestions on how to make it toler… [more]
  • I Am Not Where I Wanted to Be At This Age

    Already 55, It Came So Fast I thought at 55 my husband & I would be on our own, traveling, doing fun things because the kids are gone.  Instead my husband has a chronic heart condition and cannot walk more than 10 feet with… [more]