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I Want to Know What Turns You On

Simple Word....a Favor The American Heritage School dictionary defines a favor as a kind or helpful act…usually without expecting anything in return…. Asking for assistance ( favor) is not always easy…however... [more]
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  • I See Dandelions More Like Flowers, Than Weeds

    My Life As A Choice...   As far back as I can remember i knew something was different.. I did not think or react as others and always thought outside the box. So as I grew older I began to think more and more out… [more]
  • I See Dandelions More Like Flowers, Than Weeds

    It Could Be Worse ???? We all wonder sometimes could it get any worse ? We are in a relationship where we ask ourselves am I doing it wrong ? What's am I missing? Our significant other appears to have changed overn… [more]
  • I See Dandelions More Like Flowers, Than Weeds

    Just Ask..??? Just ASK…………..   What brought me here? How did this happen? Why did I not see? When did it start?Am I a failure as a mother? A good mother would have seen it and… [more]
  • I Live And Think Outside The Box Of Life

    It Can't Be Just Me...or Is It ? Ever since I can remember I have been a team player, always excelling at whatever the request. Whether it be high school debate team, swimteam, Journalism, no matter whatI ALWAYS stepped up my game… [more]