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I Hope To Have A Very Fattening Christmas

Cookies, candies, and cakes, I love stuffing myself with sweets. They're just so abundant this time of the year! Also, there's the eggnog. It's so inconspicuously fattening. Instead of concocting some... [more]
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  • I Stuffed Myself Last Night

    Yesterday Well yesterday I ate a ton and today I woke up at 1pm starving. I feel a little guilty about yesterday and I'm on the fence about trying to workout and maybe undo some of yesterday's damage. Of course… [more]
  • I Am Working On Putting On 30 Pounds

    Not 100% Decided On It. I've put on 5 pounds in 2 months without putting too much effort into it. I can't really see the added weight on me so that's pretty useless, but on the plus side I'm at an even 160. I'm about 6 feet … [more]
  • I Want To Gain Ten Pounds In A Week

    Or At Least 1 Yeah, I'm having a hard time gaining weight. I eat quite a bit everyday but my weight hasn't gone up in awhile. At this rate it's going to take forever to get fat!… [more]
  • I Want My Woman To Feed Me

    I Dream Of This I'd kill for a girl who loves to feed me. I'd not only get joy from having her stuff my face with fattening treats all day, but she'd enjoy watching all of her hard work start to accumulate around my … [more]