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dont be shy i'm not...looking for friends and enjoying this site

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I Am Not What People Expect

.. If It Teachers And Students From High School Were Able To See How Ur Life Turned Out Do U Think They Would Say U Did Less Then, More Then Or Right Where They Expected U To End Up In Life? I ask this question cause i always wondered what people would think of how i turned out.... growing up i was always very soical, friendly, outgoing....but never good in school, never had use for... [more]
  • I Had A C-section Delivery

    Horrific Birth By C-section Its Amazing What U Can Go Through And Still Be Sane... I was 18 when i was going to have my first child, 19 by delivery date, i was excited and full of nerves. Never once thought anything could go wrong was I My then husband and i were f… [more]
  • I Married My Soul Mate

    My Other Half first i married a man i thought i loved ..turned out ya not so much. Then i met the man of my dreams. He lived 12 hours away, different culter and lauguage lucky for me he knew english, hes french rai… [more]
  • I Am Happily Married

    A True Love Story i met my husband online, we lived 12 hrs away. After forming a friendship online he came to meet me, he put alot of trust in me to drive 12 hrs on the chance i was truly real (so many fakes online). W… [more]
  • I Hate My Body

    Thank God For Clothes i'm 33 i should still be pretty tight and firm, however after 3 kids, weight loss of 165lbs, and more operations then most ppl ever think to have nothing is tight, firm or nice anymore. When i met my … [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    anyone else rasing kids with disablities that can relate?
    i'm new to this site and looking for new friends online and person with other moms and if i could have a chance to talk to moms dealing with the same type of things that would be wonderful. i have a son who is 14 god love him he is nice kind, caring, lovable, no talking back he's a really great kid. He is legally mentally disabled. He has ADHD, almost no long term meomory and very limited short term meomory. He's mentally depending on what it is raging from 6-14 yrs old. Some issues hes where he should be for the most part, but in alot of ways hes still like a six yr old. We have to live our lives in a complete routine. his disablities make it imporssible to live any other way as he does not… [more]