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I Have Put Makeup On a Guy

This was for theatre and I used eyeliner as lipstick... Anyway I am meeting up with friends to do a sort of dress up thingie and my friends are going to pick a look that's embarrassing... [more]
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  • I Want to Be a Girl

    I'm 15, ignore my profile. have been told some ideas but I want to ask people who are experienced in this matter. I have a friend who I think might help me but I don't want her knowing I'm a transgend… [more]
  • I Think People Underestimate What Im Capable of

    My Friends Last Bully I just moved to the area and it was my 1st day at the school. I had at break I had made friends with my current best friend. A really fat kid who was in year 6 (we were in year 4) had come up to my fr… [more]
  • I Want Girls To Give Me A Makeover

    How would I trick them into doing this. People say do a bet but I don't know what bet...… [more]