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I have been on this site for a long time. Since 2007. My older shared stories may not be relevant anymore, but I leave them up just to see how I changed over time.

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I Have A Complicated Relationship With My Parents

My relationship with my mom is... problematic, I'd say. We are in touch, however the best thing that ever happened to our relationship was distance. We love each other, but our relationship was rocky... [more]
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  • I Love My Cousin

    I Love Him Like He's My Brother I love my cousin like he's my brother and one of my best friends. I know him since like forever and we are very close. He is two years younger than me. He is a reliable guy who never lied t… [more]
  • I Hate My Period

    Is There Something More Annoying?! It's a curse!!! I'm telling you!!! I have it since I was 11 years and 3 months so I know what I'm talking about :( I have a phobia for my period. I absolutely hate that part of the month.… [more]
  • I Am Not Emotionally Satisfied

    Emotionally Cheating It's hard to admit it to myself, much less to my boyfriend, that I am not satisfied with our relationship. Emotionally, that is.I guess our relationship is a bit hard to describe and I sor… [more]
  • I Love Mika

    Everybody's Gonna Love Today! Anyway you want to. Anyway you've got to. Love today, love today, love love me, love love me, love love... Has anyone noticed that a lot of his songs are about love of some kind? :p … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I managed to overcome my self-consciousness on my own
    I used to have horrible self-esteem. I had it really bad in middle school, seeing as I basically didn't have any friends and I was constantly the kid everyone made fun of. I thought I was really unattractive, that no boy could ever like me, and that I was unable to have friends. Everybody in my class kept repeating those things to me, over and over again. They enjoyed humiliating me in public so much, it became a part of my daily routine. I even had a classmate to sometimes slapped me or pulled my hair really hard. I asked my mother to transfer me to another school a lot of times, but she always said that people would treat me the same everywhere - in her opinion, people wouldn't think more … [more]
  • Family Confessions

    My mom is annoying
    For a while I will be staying with my parents. They are both annoying and obviously I probably annoy them a lot, too. But right now I want to vent about my mom.My mom has this stupid habit of trying to be in everyone's conversations. Like the phone rings and I get it. She will ask me who it is. I whisper a name or something to give her an idea. Instead of minding her own business or telling me to give her the phone so she can talk to the person, she just keeps talking at me. Like somehow I am supposed to have a conversation on the phone and at the same time keep track of the stuff she wants me to say on the phone. She's just like SAY YOU'RE GOING TO THAT EVENT. TELL HER WE ARE DOING SOMETHIN… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I want to tell you everything
    I want to tell somebody everything about me, absolutely everything, no secrets, no nothing, I want to share my entire life story with somebody, laughs and tears and all the shebang...But most of the time I feel like nobody cares to spare ten seconds for me. After applying to colleges and receiving responses, my long-term boyfriend didn't even think to bother asking me what I'd choose for my future. I'm so used to that, that when my mom asked what he thought about my choice, I realized we had never talked about my future at all... he didn't even know where I'd applied to... I'd only applied to two universities, both in the same cities and the whole time I was gone he barely found the time to … [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    How do friendships get so complexe?
    I would say complicated, but it's not complicated at all. I would rather say it's all layered; all feelings between us, my friend and I, intertwined in countless layers, some good, some bad. As time went on, it seems we forgot what the core looked like, what it was all like in the beginning. I mean, we all come with our good and bad traits, no one's perfect and no one's all bad, but your friendship made me feel sick from the very beginning and still I came back for more.How did this girl get this grip on me? I don't know, I haven't the faintest idea. I am so angry when I think about all the wasted time, all the wasted feelings, all the wasted things. But then I take a moment and think everyt… [more]
  • I miss him

    Posted on: December 11th, 2007 at 1:46AM

    So badly :( I only wish I could turn back time. Is there any antidote for this?… [more]


  • The internet is a wonderful tool, especially when it can make it or break it

    Posted on: October 18th, 2009 at 1:00PM

    You see, it's sad when you're head over heels with someone but they're seeing someone else. You start suspecting they are seeing someone else, mainly because they've suddenly stopped showing the same kind of interest in you. Although you panic inside of you, although you're dying of curiosity, you won't say a thing. You notice him (or her, hey!) chatting online with that other person when you come over, you notice him texting with someone, or actually calling someone to tell them that they have "forgotten" their headphones in his jacket/bag/pocket/hat/shoe/cat/etc. When you go home and look over your feed wall on Facebook, you notice he's just been tagged in some new photos which give the hi… [more]


  • Story of my life (well, of 50% of this year)

    Posted on: September 21st, 2007 at 2:43PM

    I desperatly need to write this down somewhere, and a private diary just won't do. I need to shout all that has been and what I feel, because keeping all the memories to me is becoming a pain for me. P.S. I know so many details because I talked about this with him long time ago. This year I met a guy, named D. We met in March, but didn't talk much, he didn't seem interesting, or very good-looking at first. We met again in April a few times, and started getting along better. At the end of the month we had a really fun night together. Then we met again and again, always had a lot of fun. I suddenly started feeling really relaxed when talking to him and it was really easy to be myself, goof a… [more]


  • I like EP blogs

    Posted on: May 21st, 2008 at 2:35PM

    Yeh, I like EP blogs. I can babble about stupid things that I wouldn't like my friends to know and about music all day here. I doubt that people read my blog, haha, but at least I can get things off my mind here :)… [more]