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I Have a Confession

I'm 14 and i cut myself and lf only when i can't get my stress out any ohter way or when i just can't stop myself from doing it i have a boyfriend who hates the fact that i hurt myself so he has a... [more]
  • I Cut My Self

    Gotta Stop I'm 14 now but when i started 12 I stopped for  long time but its addicting now i have some on my legs and my right arm. i dont need help and i dont want it i want some some that i can talk to and … [more]
  • I Have Forgotten How to Be Myself

    Why Now My name is Jean McNeil I am 14 years old I live in a very small town where no matter what you do or look you will always be judged. I try very hard to stay to myself but the last 3 years of my life ha… [more]
  • I Hate My Dad

    Is Having A Hard Time Needs Help I have an awesome bf but lately he has been totally pissed at me for no reason but he hates my best friend who is a boy that's likes me too and i kinda like him hes sooo good looking and is being re… [more]
  • I Think About Death

    Drown Me Plz Im so sick of living i just want to lay in a tub and give up say my good byes to the people i care for then die and not ever look back i know i cant pull to kill myself yet but im only 14 i know i wil… [more]