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    IM UP SET today.
    Yes indeed i am very up set today,iv just opened my door to my ex to call me,a ****,****,spastic,thick,for no reason well be cause he had some things left here i gave to him and quitely askes him why are you speaking to me this way,he just said shut up you thick ****,i know i should have not cryed over the likes of him but i did,its very sad how he was in rehab so long for drink and gambling to see it was a waste of time.i ask my self what dd i do that the man looks at me as if wants to harm daughter was here 3 yrs old i couldnt believe he would run her mom like this and aroud her,i feel ill never be free from this awful man.i feel i hate the man with all the abuse iv went through.yes … [more]
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    I,m sick to the pit of my tummy that my ex has moved in a few doors down from me,i cant understand why.Ok i was with him near 5 yr,drink gamble,rehab over and over,beatings mental abuse control,courts prison,and waiting prison again,dont come near the kids,which now we have to pass him,cant get barring order as here you have to being living with 7 to 9 months for one which i have not.its just like omg what on earth are you thinking here.I will have to move as i can not put me and kids through this again.IM SICK.… [more]