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i am a man who is seeking and has found alot of wisdom ,but the seeking continues :), do you have any to share or need any of mine?

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I Am Trying to Find My Way to My True Self

Finding The Stillness :) My life had always been chaos which I gloried in and struggled with and cursed till i had enough, then at age 49 i called out to my Father for peace and he showed me the way ... [more]
  • I Don't Like Being Judged

    Who Made You A Judge ?? Where did you get the Judgement certificate from ? i see every one running around Judging, but why? The crab in the bucket likes to pull other crabs back down ,and it seems we do too. What is the diff… [more]
  • I Was Changed By Reading This Book By Ayn Rand

    Atlas Shrugged, The Quest For Freedom Is As Old As Time And Seldom Achieved Perfectly Freedom is first achieved in the heart then in the rest of the Body and all those bound in fear shall not live till they breath free for other wise someone or ( something ) else breathes through them.… [more]
  • I Believe In Individualism, Not Equality

    I Am An Individual       Which means i am not part of a commune or any type of hive , but i am me :) .. Through out recorded history ,and i am sure before even that , there have been people who have striven to be f… [more]
  • I Am Trying to Find My Way to My True Self

    And - Which Is More - You'll Be A Man My Son! This poem really moves me :) it sums up what we men should be and aspire to be . i would have like to sip a brew with this man :)  Rudyard Kipling If If If you… [more]