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  • Work Confessions

    I REALLY hate the people i work with
    I posted not to long ago about how i disliked one of my co-workers... well im here, once again, to talk about how much i dislike a co-worker of mine. A different one this time. This woman, is terrible. Where i work it works best if we use teamwork and communicate and work together. Well she doesnt communicate... leaves a mess everywhere and doesnt clean it up- or thank anyone for cleaning up her distruction. Shes rude, disrespetful and cares about nothing but herself. Her voice also sounds like nails on a chalk board. Shes the kind of person who talks nicely to your face but the second you walk away she rolls her eyes to the person sitting in the room with you guys. I never have done anythin… [more]
  • Work Confessions

    Instead of working- I've been on EP for hours.
    So basically i've been getting paid to answer and post questions and confessions..... I cant even say i feel horrible about it.… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    I cant stand a co-worker of mine.
    She is a good person dont get me wrong.. but something is a little off with her... and all she does is repeat herself over and over and over and over... the same story the same story THE SAME STORY... im the only friend she has in the world. her family hates her, she has no friends, im the only person who shows her any attention respect or anything. She big into the martial arts and im the only person who goes to her belt promotions and stuff... but really on the inside- sometimes i want to strangle her and tell her TO SHUT UP BECAUSE I DONT CARE.... it makes me feel like a terrible human being but i work with her.. everyday.. 12 hours a day and i hear the same stories OVER AND OVER AND OVER… [more]