How could I possibly describe myself without being too shy or too conceited? Describing yourself isn't about writing your life story or telling strangers what do you like to put in your pizza. It's just about giving a vague idea of who you are and your personality. For example, a person who have written more than 10 lines is known to be a literature fan, or maybe a person who says barely wrote anything means he's not interested in sharing what he is to the whole world. While I told you that, I didn't even start describing myself, and I don't think I will. I'll leave that to you to figure out. What would be the point anyway? That I get remarkable grades, an honor student who 's only rewarded with congratulations on a piece of paper that will be thrown eventually? Or that I'm paranoid and don't like to talk out loud what I honestly think? Now you know a little bit about me and I also think that's it enough. I leave the rest for you. Peace - C

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Favorite Quote "Good judgment comes from experience,and a lot of that comes from bad judgment" - "Si tu veux, tu peux"
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I Know Words Are Easy And Can Cut Like A Knife

Bullying What is bullying anyway? Didn't you ever wish for this word to be banned from existence? It's just purely atroce. People do it because they have something missing and are... [more]
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    Above All, Be True To Yourself, And If You Cannot Put Your Heart In It, Take Yourself Out Of It.--hardy D. Jackson If I was true to myself and was disliked by everyone just because I'm truthful, does that make me fake? Well, that's how they think and they're absolutely wrong. Actually, while being true to who you … [more]
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    What's The Point Anymore? So...I don't really know why I'm writing this, but today I decided to put an end to my doubts. You're probably wondering what's my story: well I don't have a special one that would make you cr… [more]
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    The Beauty Of The Soul “The most beautiful things on earth cannot be seen- they can only be felt with the heart” It has been common that people would stand in front of their mirror every day for countless… [more]
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    My Perspective On Racism. Racism means a discrimination against people from other races. But in my opinion, racism is a word that shouldn't have existed in the first place. People say they're over it, but are the… [more]
  • Work Confessions

    Just because...
    Just because you wear revealing clothes doesn't mean you're a ****,Just because you're too nice doesn't mean you're easy,Just because you're mean doesn't mean you don't sometimes cry alone in your bedroom,Just because you're depressed doesn't mean you'll give up on everything,Just because you're too pretty doesn't mean you're a princess,Just because you're popular doesn't mean you should act obnoxious,Just because you're annoying doesn't mean you won't make friends,Just because you drink or take drugs doesn't mean you're a bad person,Just because you're yourself doesn't mean you should change for others,And just because we live doesn't mean we won't die, so we should know the reason we're li… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    "Misanthropy develops when without art one puts complete trust in somebody thinking the man absolutely true and sound and reliable and then a little later discovers him to be bad and unreliable...and when it happens to someone often...he ends up...hating everyone." So for us, isn't everyone kind of Misanthrope? Because, at times like this, we think that most humans are trash since they have absolutely no pity and gratitude when we help them. This subject is confusing me and I just wanted to share this thought with you since a lot of people on EP have so much more experience than me. But we all have our moments, those moments where our hatred to human species develops and become Misanthropy. … [more]