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I Miss Someone I Shouldn't

I Miss Someone Too I miss "my teenage sweetheart". He reached out to me about 2 months ago and now we can't stop talking, texting and trying to see each other. We are both married and haven't physically cheated but its... [more]
  • I Am Wasting My Life Away

    Because I Am Scared Of Failure I am wasting my life away because I am in a dead end job and depressed for all sorts of reasons. i want to finish my education but i use the excuse that i can't afford it to avoid going back to school… [more]
  • I Love Night Time Skinny Dipping

    Moon Tanning Not my first time but my first time in a long time........Over the summer my hubby bought a small inflatable pool for us. By the time we got it ready to use it was night time so we make yourselfs a dr… [more]
  • I Enjoy the Beauty of Nature

    Nature Soothes My Mind And Heart I have a big lake behind my house. When I sit out there at night w/the light offs & stare into the sky my mind & heart feel a sense of relief. I have a hammock out there & i lay in it w/one of my flyi… [more]
  • I Dislike People Who Constantly Complain About There Life

    My Friend The Constant Bitcher. I have a friend-for about 6 years or so. All she does it ***** about everything: work, husband, price of food, other peoples actions, other people material possesions. We are driving in the car and sh… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    i hugged a crap load of
    i hugged a crap load of "Confessioners" today for no reason at all! i didn't even read the stores, i just wanted to hug people to make myself feeling better. so if you didn't like it, i don't care, it was all about the Wicked Witch!… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I miss you. I miss you visiting me at work.I miss you calling me after work so we can talk on my way home.  I miss the way... oh heck, I miss everything about you! I miss you because you know how to make me feel special. I'm feeling down right now and I need a friend who understands how I feel.  Someone to hug me and kiss me and tell me how beautiful I am and how everything will turn out just fine. I just miss you! XOXOX.… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    im so lonely
    i dont have friends the way i did way back when. My depression and anxiety kept me to myself. I dont know how to make friends sad.… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    John I want you so bad
    since you came back into my life and you've expressed your feelings all i do is think about you.  Holding you, kissing you and going further with you. Everytime i leave you i am so warm inside. Next time we see each other i might not be able to control myself.  i want to feel your warm skin next to mine.   John you kiss so good, so soft so slow, I can only image making love to you. I hate that we cannot be together.  … [more]