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Kind, loving, caring and very passionate. and attentive, very submissive woman and proud of being who I am.

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Favorite Quote Your body makes you sexy. Your smile makes you pretty. But your personality makes you beautiful.
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I Wtk What Songs Make You Cry

They Bring Me To Tears These songs bring me to tears every time I hear them 1. One sweet day----- Mariah Carey with Boyz II Men 2. End of the Road-----Boyz II Men 3. How do I Live-----Leann Rhimes... [more]
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    I Imagine You In My Bed These words express how I feel so very much. So many times at night when I lay down to sleep, I embrace myself, I start to think... Then I imagine that you l… [more]
  • I Fell In Love With Someone I Met Online

    I Got Played Big Time By Someone I Meet Online It happen April 2005, I decided that I was going to become a member on Single Christian Mingle. I placed my profile and within one day he sent me an email. So we started. First he told me he was from … [more]
  • I Am a Libra

    Love Being The Loveable Loving Libra I am a Libra all the way. I fit my sign to the fullest. The Libra woman is the perfect balance of feminine sensitivity and masculine strength. We are one of the most feminine signs in the zodiac, but… [more]
  • I Want to Love Passionately and to Be Loved Passionately

    Someone To Love Me I looked back over my life only to realize that I have never been truly loved. My past relationships were either based on sex or finance. And I was the one who paid to have him around. I knew deep … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    There is no place like home
    Since losing my job it has been the hardest thing for me to deal with, well my health also. But since I lost my job 4 years ago I have not been able to bounce back. I have lived with different people from friends to family. I am thankful they invited me in and I did pay for being there. But there is nothing like having your own place. People change up on me so very much. One minute I m thinking everything is okay, and the next it is a problem. I am not accustom to people with different personality. I try not to get in any one way. I usually find me a spot and that is where I am. I am the point in my life now, I think maybe living on the street would be much better. I am fighting depression s… [more]