Male , 46-50

My profile is a dynamic work, my life is constantly in motion.

I love nature, being outdoors, and adventure; and I have a graduate degree in microbiology.

When I finally accept friends into my life I am an honest and good friend. I am redefining my life after divorce and layoff, now landing in an underpaying job with no future at this stage of life. Ultimately realizing perhaps meeting like-minded people looking to live off grid somewhere may be most fulfilling.

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I Think All the Time

Strange Occurrence Something strange occurred today, I had gone for a drive this morning after being unable to decide what or where to have breakfast. A couple of hours into my drive, I heard the call of 'Mother nature... [more]
  • I Think Sometimes Silence Is Best Even When You're Right

    Micromanagment While my immediate manager is awesome, he is a better follower than manager. However, the owner’s husband is over him, and he is an extreme micromanager. We have no chain of command, he… [more]
  • I Null

    Meaning Of Age I escapes me how age among adults still acts as a barrier. Why should relationships be defined by age? Should not the true feelings of the heart and soul rule? I have not experienced this personally,… [more]