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I Have a Confession

You never knew that I cried myself to sleep last night.   The only thing I wanted was simple intimacy.   I wanted you to want to have me, forever.   We're getting married... [more]
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  • I Am a Woman In a Sexless Marriage

    I Live In A Sexless Marriage Already... But I'm Getting Married In July... I hope that in writing this, I'm not sending all of my heart into the open, only to get nothing in return... I have raked the internet for any and all hope and help for our relationship, and somehow … [more]
  • I Am a Woman In a Sexless Marriage

    I Posted Here Over A Year Ago... Hey everyone, About a year and a half ago I posted my experience, and my issues... I think the post was titled "I'm in a sexless marriage, but I'm getting married in July", and I had been recei… [more]
  • I Am Pagan

    A Pagan Educator... I have been of this faith since I was young (geez. thirteen, maybe?). I have learned so much and I feel like I have a "rock", something that helps me deal and live my life the way it should be. I … [more]
  • Thankful for...

    Posted on: March 28th, 2011 at 7:35PM

    so many times on here, we're all focused on what we want, rather than be happy with what we have in life...   so here I go, I thought I'd list those things that I am thankful for:I am thankful for... My fiance.   He is my rock.   though we have some hard times, I can always expect that kiss and hug after a long day.   :)   it's nice. My lovely little boxer pup, Apollo.  He is the funniest thing I've ever seen.  He is like having a child in this house...  Family.   all of my family (including the in-laws).   They give me strength when I can't find it on my own. My job---I love my ninth graders!   I tell you, it is never a dull moment with these teenagers.   I love teaching--it's kind of my… [more]


  • What We Can Control...

    Posted on: March 30th, 2011 at 7:25PM

    So, this has been a good week, and a good boost of morale.   I have my hunny home for at least a couple of months before he travels again, and it seems like so many pressures that I had felt have lifted, at least for the moment. I had to videotape my class today, for my internship (basically to prove to people of "higher authority" that I can teach) and my kiddos were perfect angels.   They did such a good job, I wish I could post their video here  :)  I do love my job. my relationship, intimately, has been getting better.   I do realize that when I act negatively, it only hurts the situation, so my goal for the past week has been simple.   My personal goal is "intimate time" once every coup… [more]


  • What I found this morning...

    Posted on: March 27th, 2011 at 12:45PM

    I have flet so down lately.  I've felt so tired, so unmotivated, and so empty.   I can't sleep.  I seek refuge at school---the hour of planning that I get at the High School where I work is often the most peace I can see during the day.   My fiance left for work this morning, and I was surfing the web when I decided to clear my browsing history.   pretty simple task, huh?    I ended up finding massive amounts of "adult" material on my computer and I have to say, that I was thoroughly shocked.  It really isn't a secret that my fiance looks at it (and he did borrow my computer a while back until his replacement came in) from time to time.   However, I did wonder if he had that same "urge" late… [more]


  • The brighter side...

    Posted on: March 27th, 2011 at 6:00PM

    Today, I had a long discussion with my fiance.   He listened, I listened, and we both laid out our issues on the table.  We both have very little time to ourselves (we have a new puppy that must be supervised ALL the time, we have new jobs, etc.), but that doesn't mean that the other person is less attractive and it doesn't mean that we don't want the intimacy.   We had a "nice" evening (if you take the hint here) together, and it felt really nice to bond with each other in that special, intimate way.   I missed that.   I'm thankful to have someone who will actually listen to me and put his fears and thoughts on the table as well.   What so many people do not relaize is that even though I kn… [more]