Female , 36-40

I'm just me , trying to live my life day by day when i love i love with all of me just not with my heart ! I dont have many friends . you could say im a loner not by choice , I and some times i dont know who i am anymore

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Favorite Quote in my world everything that isnt Is! and everything that is ISN'T
Horoscope Gemini
Special day 6-3
Books to many to say
Music been listening to P!nk!
Movies cant pick one
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I Had A Dream

I keeped calling and calling and calling and you never pick up the phone, the next thing i was driven a car to you and i didnt know what to say when i got there or how you where going to reacted . i... [more]
  • I Learned That Morphin Makes Me Cry

    A Deep Lonly Cry! Today I learned that morphine makes me cry, makes me feel lonely, makes my heart aches . I started taken 30Mg's of morphine twice day for my pain , The doc took me off the fentynal patch be… [more]
  • I Thought Life Is Unfair

    Missing You Is So Hard ! Is missing the one who makes her laugh, makes her smile and the one who doesn't make her feel lonely when he is around her i really miss u! I wait and wait for you to call and reply to my tex… [more]
  • I Have To Do Things That Make Me Happy

    Things U Like To Do Yeasterday my mother said to me , its time you start doing things you like  to do , things that make you and only you happy you cant sitt here and do   nothing, i said to her , how do i… [more]
  • I Dont Sleep At Night

    Sleeping With Out You I cant sleep .. i try i really do i am drift off for a few but then i cant feel you next to me and i wake back. i got so use to hearing you breath at night and how you would  talk to me wh… [more]