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I just got blocked again.. funny that.

I don't wear diapers. I don't perv on little girls. I have no penis pictures. I don't talk about myself { much } and I do not proclaim to be anything more than what I am. By Experience Project standards that makes me one of the one percentile. Hello

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Vices coke fiend { preferably cherry dr. pepper }
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Music carpenters { karen brings a tear to my eye }, enigma, the cult, visual kei, cartoon theme songs, tv ad jingles { five five dollar five dollar foot long }
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I National Domestic Violence Hotline

The Face Of Domestic Violence What you are about to see is the most powerful psa that has ever been filmed.  " Mercy Street " shows the face of a silent witness trying desperately to cover... [more]
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  • I Am A Literotica Fan

    Anticipation In the hot baking sun it's all I can think of.  I can feel the need drenched over my body like the sweat from my pores.  A need that can no longer be denied. I reach out for you, and I can feel the… [more]
  • I Hate Men Who Abuse Women

    Mon Juste' I lost her today... I lost her. I have tried desperately to open her eyes to the truth, to get her to see what was real and not some kind of ****** manipulation from this sorry *******… [more]
  • I Crave Touch

    The Touch There are over 250 erogenous zones on a female body ... it's a sad state that the vast majority of men can only think of 2.  What is worse is that a large perce… [more]
  • I Cant Believe He Said That

    The Governator Speaks "   All of a sudden we see riots, we see protests, we see people clashing.  The next thing we know there is injured and there is dead people.  We do not… [more]