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31 weeks pregnant now, with my little lady Carmella Rose. couldn't be happier <3

I can be very intelligent when it comes to advice on the outlooks of ones life. I am shy, but I love to interact. I do make mistakes in my life but who are you to judge my actions, we are only human after all.

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I Have Bulimia

Confused In The Lie I Am Living. Ever since I was in probably about 4th grade I was fat. at a whopping 110 pounds at the age of 9. I had no friends. I was ugly, people made fun of me.It only got worse in junior high i went from... [more]
  • I Will Be Strong For Myself

    Emotionally I'm Done. Mentally I'm Drained. Spiritually I'm Dead. But Physically I Smile. Day to day I feel so depressed, ever since my dads accident I just feel like I'm somewhere else. I try to be happy but somethings always dragging me down. of course no one knows this because why burde… [more]
  • I Am Lactose Intolerant

    Milk Makes Me Poop But I Love It So Yeah okay the title is a little bit...not lady like. but who cares. I can NOT live without dairy. its in every little thing people make!Don't get me wrong I love soy milk and almond milk. but I … [more]
  • I Like to Air Dry After Taking a Shower

    Who Needs Towels! I love to air dry, I mean hey, I'm no barbie doll but when no ones around Why wear clothes? I HATE when my clothes stick to me when I get out of the shower, I mean really...who would like that? ITS AN… [more]
  • I Am Bulimic

    I Can't Control Myself So like in 9th grade I used to be 180 pounds, I constantly work out..5 times a week...and I am a sophmore going into junior at 5' 7" at 155lbs but I still feel fat and worthless and discusting. I don'… [more]