Female , 26-30

And now she’s back in the atmosphere, with drops of Jupiter in her hair” … ( lyrics by Train)

I am a “Dreamer”,a free spirit, walking with my head in clouds, trying to keep my feet on the ground. I have a soft, sensitive, cautious character, I am social, friendly…still rather introvert.

Im like flower, that’s still blossoming, opening up, … slowly…reaching for the sun …still growing ..
I like to be amongst people, to make connections, to feel understood, but I need to hide away in my own fantasy worlds, from time to time, for reality can be quite overwhelming and harsh…

There are times when I feel melancholic and moody, and keep lingering in past memories, afraid to let go.. feeling insecure about the future … not quite sure which path to follow …not quite ready to face it …

I cant live without MUSIC, its relaxing, yet breathtaking, it’s a rainbow of emotions, it carries me away … its amazing .. it’s freeing …
Have been discovering the wonderful Imogen Heap lately, and am truly enchanted :)

I love to watch MOVIES, especially to be ‘moved” by them intensely….
Emotions, Fantasy, Drama, Thrills and Surprises are some keywords…
Lately ive been watching many “CULT”ural flms, such as the beautiful, yet bittersweet Indian love story titled ….“Shadows of Time”

I have ADD (attention deficit disorder) which means I am Absolutely Deliciously Distracted :P
Daydreaming is not “just” a habit of me, it’s a way of life :P
I can have crazy and creative outbursts, filled with joy and laughter, and can be quite funny and humorous .. slightly unusual… but unique :)

In my free time, I like to do some Photoshop, and i also enjoy reading about astrology and personology
I *heart* animals and nature, and am especially fond of the big cat family, may they roam free :)
The magical beauty and spirit of foreign countries fascinates me, one day id love to travel to India, Canada, or New Zealand .. It would be an experience of a lifetime … for sure ..

My features are feminine, but somehow slightly Androgynous, and that’s fine to me !
Short hair is my trademark, such as small breasts *lol* and it feels great :D
Too bad there are still quite a lot male “prejudgements” about the matter …
Its nice to feel appreciated and be yourself, no strings attached ….

Somehow deep inside me …I reach for the moon… to find that one person, that “soulmate” where I can finally find peace and completeness with…who “understands” me…

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Favorite Quote Im not crazy My reality is just different then yours :P
  • 100% Belgian
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Books Breathing in colour
Music Imogen Heap, The Cranberries, Foo fighters, Coldplay, Bonobo, Kate Havnevik,
Movies Beasts of the southern wild, Rang de basanti, Le fabuleux destin d\'Amelie Poulain, ....
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