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I Am Inlove

Its Love!! Ok so you all know Ive been longing for this, "love". I think I have found it. It feels like it, and we both think and say the same thing about it. She is so sweet and loving towards me. She is giving... [more]
  • I Need Something To Stimulate My Mind

    Please Stimulate! I dont know what the heck has happened to me, in the last few years something changed in me. I love a good conversation, not a debate, just a thoughtful meaningful conversation. Sadly enough, it seems… [more]
  • I Love Ice Cream

    Ben & Jerrys Ok Ive been a good boy :). I have been on a diet and lost 200 pnds. I havent had ice cream in two yrs. So its my day off and I bought a small container of ice cream chocolate chip cookie dough, prefer… [more]
  • I Am Tired of Being Alone

    Dont Know! It seems I have been alone my whole life even though Ive been married and such, and I am so so so tired of it!!! I am working on it, but it seems there is nobody out there that seems to understand whe… [more]
  • I Am Sick of Being Single

    It Doesnt Look Good:(.    I am failing in my personal life, hey I havent giving up yet, but it is not a happy time. I hope something good happens tomorrow, it may be the last straw. If it doesnt look like the is a… [more]