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i like Wolves and i can see the dead. oh and i think theres a demon in my bedroom...!

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I Am a Werewolf

Wolf Blood my first change was the craving, the need to be free and the senses. i wanted to taste blood. i wanted to feel it run down my throat. the first change i felt was when my family and i were eating... [more]
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    God Took Her Away From Me
    im always angry at you God. thats probably why i steal **** and deny everything about you. yes i believe that u are there becoz i have seen lucifers evil. i have seen what he can do. but oh god, i want to join lucifer just to smite you. i want revenge so badly becoz of wat u did to me. u ripped out my heart and took my grandma away from me. she was more close to me than my own mother. you made her die and oh how i want revenge. that day, i died. i mentally and nearly physically died. i havent been the same since. i isolate myself away from anything good and cry for lucifer to destroy you. it may not be good, but thats wat you did to me… [more]