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I Love to Write Poetry

Why I Can't Love In the sunset sky of wonders she dreams Of a love she knows is lost to herself In bliss and passion, the most it seems Is the craving her heart does not know well Though... [more]
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  • I Like to Be Intimate

    Closerrr..... ^-^ Breathe heavy now; drawn one, draw two Unsteady how! My heart on you Just whisper, Love. Your breath alone without kiss or bite, one breath I’m gone Unsteady how! My h… [more]
  • I Love to Write Poetry

    Betrayal Tastes Sour The heat of injustice drips over my face And revenge inspires my wadded up hands The flavor of betrayal; so sour the taste And to lash I would, but control owned my hand … [more]
  • I Write Song Lyrics, Poetry, and Short Stories

    Never Try Never Fail A little prince was born into this world with dreams and goals that burned inside him with a passionate fire. When he stepped outside his castle walls of stone for the first he noticed the poverty and… [more]
  • I Know True Friendship Is Priceless

    The Wingless Angel I have always had a deep fascination with Angels. From the dark chaos that was, well, 'life' i would stare up into my dreams and look at my perfect image of the night and imagine angels to be like sta… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    The ***** with Dark Eyes
     My first confession....I confess, i WANT to be loved.                  I do, i swear. Even Though I'll try my hardest to push you away by any means possible. I'll build up our friendship, create (seemingly) unbreakable bridges, draw you in once I begin to understand you, and you begin to understand me...But that's when it becomes dangerously scary, too scary for my taste anyway. That is when I'm sucked in too deep and realize the time of reckoning is at hand. Somewhere along the way of building up our friendship I will forget why I built it up- and that is because i wanted to destroy it. When i reach that point i use my nails to dig into your heart and make it bleed, why? Because i want to … [more]
  • Other Confessions

    You're chasing me but really, I'm chasing you
             As of late I find myself dreaming of awakening to the sweet, enticing caress of a razorblade's kiss on my hips and arms...or really wherever for that matter. But my relationship to the blade ended quite some time ago, and whats worse is it ended in a cliche sort of 'it's not you its me' type fashion. I find I haven't missed the blade- that is untill recently- and I'm disturbed as to why I suddenly find it's shimmering silver teeth all but almost irresistable. What I came here to confess (and a confession I cannot make to my friends and others) is I have found my new razor blade, my new pain addiction that has me craving the next day so I can start the cycle of self abuse again. You … [more]
  • Other Confessions

    My Biggest Fear
    Confessions of a brooding, irritable, teenage cutter; Lets begin.       My Biggest myself.  It's something that most people are afraid of but never admit or realize for themselves. I confess (mind you this is extremely hard for me, i swear it) that i am a talented pianist, fabulous artist, wonderful writer and a pretty person. Now, it is going to take me some time to actually accept these complements much less believe them but i know somewhere deep down in my dark heart they are true. I'm not bragging, i promise. However, confessing such a thing is something I've never let myself do or others do for that matter. I enjoy screwing myself over to prove to others i am not as ama… [more]
  • The Dusk

    Posted on: July 15th, 2012 at 4:02PM

         As of late i actually realized where i stand  (progress wise) towards bettering myself and my soul and getting over my harmful addictions. Somewhere along i sort of fell into a 'plateau'  of wanting to move forward but becoming afraid once i did as it entailed more commitment. Ive fallen in the Dusk of recovery. The part in my journey where I have emerged from the midnight but have yet to step out and fully embrace such a bright, intimidating sun. While i have to admit I have slipped in and out of midnight, I have also taken small peeks and felt the rays of the sun. The only reason i haven't come out into the light is because that path calls for a commitment I am not ready to make to my… [more]