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I Am Among The Abnormal On Ep

I Love The Group Logo....however... If it were me, instead of an axe, I'd be holding an inflatable shark. Grrrr....... [more]
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  • I Had Sexual Experiences In Childhood

    History Repeats Itself What I've learned on this board is that this kind of thing happens with MOST KIDS. Most kids experiment sexually at a young age. I knew that already, but hearing it first hand is different. I was har… [more]
  • I Love Passionate Kissing

    Let Me Hold You Close. Let me circle my arms around you. let me be your protection. I will warm you. I will smile softly and gaze at you, no longer afraid to hold your eyes.. I will say your name softly. I will kiss you so … [more]
  • I Want You To Touch My Body

    An Afternoon Fantasy..... I'm alone, reading a book on the sofa. Maybe you come from behind me. Lean over, wrap your arms around my neck, and whisper something naughty . I prefer to think you sit down next to me, touch my han… [more]
  • I Wanna Hold You and Never Let Go

    You, My Future Lover. I want to whisper sordid secrets to you.  Things only you shall ever know, as I stroke your hair tenderly. I want you to feel safe and surrender in the protective circle of my arms. I need you. I wou… [more]