I am a huge believer of giving the poor a chance to survive. I believe in fighting for the right reasons and I love networking with people of same belief . My dream is to help create a world free from hunger and diseases.

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I Want to Help Prevent Global Warming

The Real Truth About Me...  A long time ago I made a promise to myself that I will be a better person and that I will use what I have to bring joy and hope for the poor. But I failed God I did every thing, made money but... [more]
  • I My Charity Is A Glimpse Of Hope To Those Living In Darkness

    We Are Small And Standing Like A Tiny Candle In The Wind But We Are The Little The Glimpse Of Hope To Those Living In Total Darkness.  We are angels on earth each of us with our own unique blessing Then…. What happened to us the devil took over? We suddenly became too busy to visit or speak to our friends who are … [more]
  • Why I started my charity...

    Posted on: March 19th, 2011 at 11:16PM

                  A letter to you!                          I am writing not as a woman or a man with statutes or special rights but as a human being with feelings and heart beat.                 My heart bleeds each day I wake up and I am not sure of where to make my thoughts heard or who to tell what I feel. I am not saying it’s too special to read but rather it’s too important to ignore. Please read this tiny plea and judge be the judge of what I have to say.                      There are millions of babies born everyday without a chance of making it the third world countries, some of those babies could be future lawyers, doctors, scientist that might discover the best cure to the diseases … [more]