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Please don't get upset at me for two things: 1. If you are not added, I haven't been able to keep up sometimes and I'm sure there are some good people I missed. 2. I've chosen not to answer private messages, otherwise I get lost in cyberworld more than I am already. I will answer public messages/questions, just not private ones. Hope you can understand.

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I Need a Break

Take Time Off Sex And Ep I've been so active over the last few months here, I've been in such a mood. I've been both having sex and thinking about sex all my waking moments. This year I've averaged nearly one time a day... [more]
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  • I Open My Legs For Men

    Wide! I love it, I simply love it. I'm so happy when I'm naked with guys. When I lay back and open my legs, and a guy gets in between I know what's going to happen and it's the best feeling. I don't need… [more]
  • I Don't Wear Underwear

    Either Do I Bra yes, panties no...not unless its month-end. Most time people don't know, but there are some dresses where it's just too obvious and my friends squeal a bit. And sometimes when I get changed at s… [more]
  • I Had Sex With More Than One Person In One Day The Past I almost always had more than one boyfriend before. I love that when one of them finishes with me that I can call up one other to come over. There's something completely thrilling about taking a guy… [more]
  • I Like Girls Who Don't Wear Underwear

    Girls Interestingly enough, I don't like guys who don't wear underwear. Pants completely off, fantastic. But not dressed with no underwear, it doesn't seem very sexy. Somehow it's a girl thing. A woman … [more]