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If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking

In the past, I've done a couple of things similar to this. I am never sure what to write in a section that asks me to describe myself. Geeesh! Okay, so I'm a fairly normal, laid back, happy person who enjoys life in general. I really enjoy intelligent people with a sense of humor, and I do not get along with cranky, mean people. They suck and I'm prone to telling them so. I lived in several different countries, lived in a half dozen different states and have found generally speaking, people rock!

I read, I'm writing a book, learn to make candles, and I'm restoring, on my own, a hundred year old home.

Oh yes, if you're bored and need someone to talk to - here I am! I've already seen people who just write and say let's be friends, etc. Well, okay, but try something more than one or two words. Just saying...

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