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Call me Hachi or Bee, whichever you like..
I don't like describing I'll leave that to you. Ask me questions if you want to, or look at my profile, or my experiences. I'm not new to EP..I had a profile before that I deleted because things were getting out of control in my life and the added stress of EP wasn't helping...but I'm back now because I needed a place to express myself, to find friends...
I'm open-minded about a lot of topics, and I'll listen to anyone that needs someone to talk to. I'm socially akward and shy, so I won't talk much back, it doesn't mean I'm not listening. But when I do talk, it's usually a lot at once.
I am a lesbian. And I am overweight. And I decided I'm not going to take anymore sh** about my weight or my sexuality. I've had girlfriends before, and to me it's as natural as it would be to a straight guy. I'm fine with me. I AM me. And you're you. Why fight? =)
That said, if it makes anyone uncomfortable, all they have to do is let me know, and I'll make extra effort to not talk about it around them...but, it is a part of me. And I won't change it for anyone.
I am currently in a relationship with my best friend, watashiwa no kichona tenshi (my precious angel), the best thing to ever happen to me.
I love you, Rachael

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Vices moodiness, loneliness, nail-biting, depression, awkwardness, etc.
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Music Skillet, 30STM, TBM, Breaking Benjamin, and a little bit of everything between, Pink, Superchick, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, etc...
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