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I am in to walking and art and music and t,v.

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I Talk Through My Poems and Short Stories

The Wolf The dark wolf. I see why. And the little girl in the red of red cries. For i give her the little bit of my love. And she thanks me and she tells me she loves me. And i... [more]
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  • I Am a Brain Tumor Survivor

    I Am New Ok with my brain tumor and the radio and chemotherapy.I came a diabetic.I have a thyroid problem.And im high when i talk been like that from 3 to now when i am 19.And i walk on my toes.If you want to … [more]
  • I Have Type 1 Diabetes

    Hy I Am New I got diabetes.On top of that i had a brain tumor and mor things rong as well.I need 2 boxes of needles and to know but i am up to my eyes in meds to make me feel safe and happy.I am scaird lots of ti… [more]