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"She is the song that no one sings, she is unattainable."

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Favorite Quote Sleep is like death, but without the commitment.
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I Have a Confession

Like I don't even matter to anyone [more]
xAithne has shared 3 Mature Experiences
  • I Am Overweight

    I Hate Looking At Myself I used to be thin, and I still thought I was over weight because I was a heavy child. In the past 2 years my thyroid has completely gone out of control and I've gained over 100 pounds sin… [more]
  • I 'm Hurting

    I Feel Alone In My Relationship For a while things were going great, and we had a beautiful relationship. Then he got a new job and had to go away for a week, in this week was our 1 year anniversary. When he first told me I was upse… [more]
  • I Feel Neglected

    My Heart Was Taken Long Ago, If I Ever Change; I Hope I Never Know. I feel like this story is wearing thin, like no one ever cares to hear me speak anymore. Like if I just vanished, no one would even care. I sound like a broken record anymore. Why can't … [more]
  • I Support the Legalization of Marijuana

    Why? It's completely organic, why is something organic so bad? It's grown from the ground, not made in a factory. It doesn't cause any damage. There hasn't been any marijuana rela… [more]