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  • a little Native American (Sioux)
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I Make My Own Choices In Life

What Is Right Or Wrong Other Than Our Own Restrictions? how do we justify that right is right? or what is wrong? no matter what u do, no matter how "innocent" your intentions are, there will be someone who thinks u lower than dirt its self and wouldn't... [more]
  • I Love Bleach

    Bleach Always Surprises Me. i was watching bleach the other night and ichigo was facing off ulquiorra. ulquiorra had just said to orihime to watch as the man in whom she's put all her trust is about to die. i kept on thinking th… [more]
  • I Had a Weird Dream

    Scary But Weird. so their was this really vivid dream series i had about 2 years ago that i just cant forget. at the start i was walking around a town that felt familiar but i had never seen. then i heard a plane and … [more]
  • Other Confessions

    not much but enough
    im not sure if this is typical or what, but when i get upset, or angy or "pissy", i dont act on it. i take a deep breath, and sort of "shut down" all feelings/emotions because the way i see it, you can fight fire with fire, and somtimes it does work, but when it does, it hurts you as much as them. problems in this would be solve alot better if people could stay calm. so back to me. i totally shut down and put on a total poker face. the problem with this is that when i do, i seem to carry this mind set, this...thinking process for a few days. i end up feeling empty and not really able to enjoy myself in regular everyday pleasures. my own parents have told me that i must have a heart of ice be… [more]